New Star is a stock-joined company with entirely romanian private capital. It was founded in 1994, having as main domain of activity the exploitation and manufacturing of wood. Within this domain, the company develops a complex activity that includes forest exploitation, transport and primary manufacturing of wood, superior manufacturing of timber into layered panels, furniture elements, interior and exterior layered wood carpentry, elements and house structures. The length of this cycle of production allows different deliveries, starting with the transportation of significantly big orders (logs, timber) and ending with specialized and personalized orders of doors, windows, parquet, stairs, boarding etc. In order to run its course, the company holds modern and specialized production machinery, of great output that encloses the latest technology in this domain. The technical availabilities and professional human resources of the company allow the quality products obtaining, at competitive prices. The experience and bussiness contacts obtained in time by the participation in fairs and exhibitions in the country and abroad, have led to the continuous development of the range of products offered to the client. For the moment we organize our distribution through professional show-rooms for the series products (doors, parquet etc) manufactured by distinguished european producers in the wood field, completed by personalized products from our own outflow, according to the orders of each client (stairs, doors, windows, carpentry elements etc). We can say that NEW STAR is everything about wood.